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 Riding our bikes is probably one of the best things we could be doing to pass our time. On a commute or a social ride with friends for a coffee or a beer or even adventuring on velodrome banks and hairpin turns on your favorite Crit, the bike is everywhere we go, but what happens when we go out of town?   Traveling with our bikes can be stressful but once you get a hang of it you will never leave your bike behind. The easiest way to travel with our bikes is by bus or train, usually the travel...

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In a fixed gear bike, you have to make sure that the handlebars are trustworthy. As they are the core element that will enhance your experience of riding a fixie. Different types of handlebars have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we have the complete list that will make it easy for you to select your fixed gear handlebars. Pursuit Bars For most of the bikes, these are regarded as the standard fixed gear handlebars.  They might be flat or have a slight bend towards the rider. The best part is that you there are many hand positions to choose...

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