How To Travel With Your Bike

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How To Travel With Your Bike

 Riding our bikes is probably one of the best things we could be doing to pass our time. On a commute or a social ride with friends for a coffee or a beer or even adventuring on velodrome banks and hairpin turns on your favorite Crit, the bike is everywhere we go, but what happens when we go out of town?


Traveling with our bikes can be stressful but once you get a hang of it you will never leave your bike behind. The easiest way to travel with our bikes is by bus or train, usually the travel companies only require that the bike is packed with any kind of soft bag (for a few years I was using a singles duvet cover), only the front wheel needs to be removed, and as long as you don't have the widest riser bar all you have to do is turn it sideways [Recently upgraded to a soft bike bag from ZULU that also packs really easily on my backpack]

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Taking the airplane can be a bit trickier but if you can't afford a fancy and expensive bike case there is always the bike box that your local bike shop throws out to the trash. Having a bike case will increase your chances of arriving with your bike in one piece. But if you are traveling to a different country to ride around the coast and return from a different part of the country, like we did on our trip in Italy from Palermo to Rome, carrying a bike case is out of the question.


But independently of how you will get to your destination one thing is for sure, there is nothing more exciting than arriving in a new city for the first time, assembling your bike and exploring places you have never seen before. The instant sensation of freedom will remind you why we fell in love with riding in the first place.

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