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Unknown Bikes

Unknown Bikes Europe is the official source of Unknown Bikes frames and components for fixed gear riders throughout Europe.

A bike mechanic would describe a fixed gear bike as a bicycle with no gear shifting or free-wheel capability.  The bikes you are likely accustomed to are built with multiple gears and a mechanism that allows the rotation of the pedals and wheels to uncouple, which allows you to coast or rest your legs on the flats or downhills.  While these advancements have provided convenience and ease of riding, for many riders something has clearly been lost in this evolution of the bicycle.  This is partly why fixed gear bikes remain the standard in track cycling where they provide optimal pedaling for the flat, high speed race conditions.

Stripping the bike down to its bare essence and function also strengthens the rider’s connection to their bike, the road, and their surrounding environment as they navigate the city streets.  Fixed gear riders enjoy the perk being able to ride backwards, which opens the door to trick riding.  And for hardcore purists and minimalists, fixed gear bikes offer the ability to ride without brakes and instead push back on the pedals to decelerate.  Having to predict the flow of urban obstacles extra seconds in advance forces riders into a heightened state of awareness and deeper state of flow.

However, many riders opt to have breaks and are instead drawn to fixies so that they may customize their two-wheel chariot.  Reducing a bike down to its most vital components opens the possibility to incorporating a larger mix of stylistic and technical add-ons so your bike truly feels like an extension of yourself.  Whether it’s the minimalist appeal, the unique and thrilling riding experience, or the aesthetic flexibility.  Ask any rider or, better yet, find out yourself that riding fixie becomes an addiction.

The Unknown Bike design combines high performance and quality with a sharp, modern, and no-frills minimalist look.  We encourage you to check out our selection of bikes, parts, and accessories.  As the premiere Unknown Bike source for all of Europe our mission is to fuel the growth of the fixed gear scene throughout this continent.  We look forward to connecting with interested riders and collaborating with top riders enthusiastic to help spread the fixie movement.