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If you're like me, the first time you threw your leg over a fixed-gear you got hooked. But if you're like a lot of other people the first time that you may have thrown your leg over a fixed-gear you may have thought this is weird, like why wouldn't you want to want to coast? I hate this… I literally hate this.. Fixed isn't for everyone and that's where single speed bikes come in. A single speed bike is just that. A bike with a single gear. The difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike is...

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Riding a bike can be the best experience in your life. however, to make fixie run faster you must have the knowledge of the gear ratio. As it will allow you to attain the required speed by spending the least amount of energy. So in order to help you out here is everything you need to know about fixed gear ratio. Gear ratio calculation Fundamentally, you would come across two types of chainrings on which the bike chain rotates on The huge one at the front across the pedals The little one on the backside of the back wheel The principal...

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