What is the best gear ratio for your fixed gear bike?

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What is the best gear ratio for your fixed gear bike?

Riding a bike can be the best experience in your life. however, to make fixie run faster you must have the knowledge of the gear ratio. As it will allow you to attain the required speed by spending the least amount of energy. So in order to help you out here is everything you need to know about fixed gear ratio.

Gear ratio calculation

Fundamentally, you would come across two types of chainrings on which the bike chain rotates on

The huge one at the front across the pedals

The little one on the backside of the back wheel

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The principal xx/yy number can be regarded as the number of teeth that are the sharply pointed knobs on the chainrings across the pedals. The second number is yy that is referred to the amount of tooth in the back machine gear-piece name for little apparatus ring appended to the wheel on the backside.

Along these lines, we utilize the ideal proportion for urban driving, trap riding, and execution: 44/16. Once more, 44 teeth in the front, 16 teeth at the backside. Likewise, you may see your shoe slump center point on the back wheel that would be one machine gear-piece on either side of the fixie wheel. On the off chance that you would prefer not to check, both are 16 number of teeth. Fixie is a freewheel machine gear-piece and other is a settled pinion/cog in fixie.


Ideal calculation

So how a lowest or the highest value proportional gear ratio would influence your riding? All things considered, a couple ways. Your 44/16 proportion squares with 2.75 on the off chance that you separate 44/16. Fixie adores this number, as this is the best for fixed gear. On the off chance that the number gets more, it would mean you are either contracting the number of required teeth on the back pinion or developing the number of required teeth on the fundamental chainring. So also, if the amount gets low, it means you are contracting the principle chainring or developing the back pinion. 

What does a high or low gear ratio coefficient mean: 

•    Well, a low amount will make it less demanding to quicken and move the fixed gear bicycle at moderate speeds, however, will cause a low beat speed.

•    A high amount will make it hard to quicken the fixie, however, will give you a high maximum speed.  

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This is the all the information you need to know about the fixie gear ratio. You can try different things with your fixed gear apparatus proportion constantly and you will eventually arrive at the same result that the 44/16 proportion or 2.75 is an ideal one for a large portion of fixed gear riders. On the off chance that you consider you need something other than what is expected, look at your nearby bicycle shop and reveal to them about the changes that you require. Make sure that you ride your fixie with the best speed.  

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What is the best gear ratio for your fixed gear bike?


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