Advantages of riding Single Speed Bike

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Advantages of riding Single Speed Bike

If you're like me, the first time you threw your leg over a fixed-gear you got hooked. But if you're like a lot of other people the first time that you may have thrown your leg over a fixed-gear you may have thought this is weird, like why wouldn't you want to want to coast? I hate this… I literally hate this..

Fixed isn't for everyone and that's where single speed bikes come in. A single speed bike is just that. A bike with a single gear. The difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike is that you can coast on a single speed, which means that you won't get wet noodle legs like when you try to coast on a fixed gear.  Most of choosing between riding single speed or fixed gear comes down to personal preference, but there are practical benefits and drawbacks to each type of riding

What are the main benefits of being able to coast on a single speed bike? Is that it makes descending a lot easier. Fast and long descents are with single speed bike a lot safer than, if you were on a fixed gear bike, where you either need to take your feet off the pedals and look like a madman or maintain a cadence of approximately million rPM and look like a crazy man

Being able to coast allows you to focus on cornering. Moderating your speed and avoiding road hazards on a single speed bike is a lot easier since you do not have to worry about maintaining cadence.

Single Speed Bike Freewheel

The third advantage that single speeds have over fixed gears is that they're easier for beginners getting used through riding a fixture can take anywhere between a couple of hours and never. But with single speed bikes, you just pedal when you want to go and you stop pedaling when you don't want to pedal anymore. That is some revolutionary 19th century technology right there.

All of our bikes come with flip flop hub, so if you decide to get a bike that is single speed, just add a note: add freewheel at the checkout and we will add freewheel cog to your order free of charge!

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