What is the Difference between Fixie fixed gear and Track bike

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What is the Difference between Fixie fixed gear and Track bike

When you are planning to buy a fixed gear bike the most important thing to consider is the difference between fixie and track bike. You might have thought that both of them are same because they are fixed gear. However, there are many differences that you will come across. The first one is that track bike is specially designed for racing. On the other hand, a fixie is for enjoyment and regular usage.

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So here, we have some of the difference between both types of bikes:


It is a general fact that fixie has brakes while track bikes are without brakes. The reason behind it is that in the bike race all the participants are moving in the same direction to having brakes might cause danger. When there are no brakes it makes all the individuals stop at the same rate and same point. On the other hand, you might remove the brakes from your fixie but it will not turn it into a track bike. Your fixie will not be recommended even when you have removed the brakes.



There is a major difference in the engineering of both types of bikes.
  • Track bike is manufactured with such design that it is more aerodynamic and efficient during hard sprinting
  • The fork blades are circular in track bike and oval in the fixie. This makes the track bike more rigid against the roads
  • The upright angle in the track bikes makes it easy to maintain the stiffness
  • The design of fixie can handle more stress like bumps and hurdles


The tire clearance of track bike is very tight. This is the reason that you will have a narrow variety to select from. On the other hand, fixie can accommodate several types of tires. You have to keep in mind that the design and manufacturing of track bike do not allow it to be utilized outside the racing track. As there are no fenders or the quick release wheels like we have in fixie. So in case, the tire gets flat it will cause you trouble. As the wheels are not removable, so it would be difficult to change the tire. The fenders in the fixie prevent the fixed gear bike from the backsplash.

 Bottom line

 While selecting the fixed gear bike if you are confused between a fixie and the track bike make sure that you consider your situations. Keep in mind that it is safe to ride a fixie on the roads because it will provide you with more safety features. 

If you are a recreational cyclist then a fixie is a better and safer option for you. Track bike can be left for the professionals to deal with. So know if you have made up your mind to buy the fixed gear make sure that you invest in the high-quality cycle. It is important that you pay attention to the manufacturing and design.  

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