What is a Fixed Gear Bicycle?

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What is a Fixed Gear Bicycle?

When looking for a bike you want to make sure that you buy the one that will meet your requirements and will provide you with the best services. You might often have heard people talking about fixie or the Fixed Gear Bike. However, you are unaware of this means of transportation. So here let me explain to that what a Fixed Gear Bicycle is and how you can benefit from it.

Fixed Gear Frame and Parts

Fixed Gear Bike

It can be regarded as the drivetrain that has no freewheel mechanism. The Fixed Gear Bike means that the cog of the bicycle is directly attached to the motion of the pedals. It means that with this type of bicycle the wheel will not independently spin on the cog because of the absence of ball bearing.

It will be easier for you to ride the Fixed Gear Bike because of its simplicity and the bike will move forward or backward according to your commands. It is the first style of bike that was designed in the history of bicycles. However, there might have been several innovations but the Fixed Gear Bicycle is the standard bike for the racing tracks.

The Fixed Gear Bikes are single speed and the braking force is applied by feet or using the body weight. However, there are a few available with either front brakes or no brakes.

Complete Unknown Fixed Gear Bike


Some of the amazing advantages that you will get by riding the Fixed Gear Bike are:

    • It is the purest form of bike that has a simple and no-nonsense riding requirements.
    • Fixed Gear Bicycle is perfect for your lower body workout as it will make your muscles work
    • The best thing about fixie is that it is light in weight and will provide you with more efficiency
    • The bike is ideal for small and flat areas, it will allow you to build the speed that you want
    • It is the low maintenance bike with less repair and minimal upkeep that will help you to save your time and money


      Nothing is perfect in this world. So some of the drawbacks of Fixed Gear Bike are:

      • You must have a lot of practice in order to learn the riding style and especially the braking system of Fixed Gear Bicycle
      • It is not ideal to climb hills or for longer rides
      • The terrain that you can ride is very limited because of no gears and you should be extra strong in order to go uphill

      Rider on Unknown Fixed Gear Bike

      Bottom line

      Whether you are looking forward to having a bike for yourself or for your kid, the Fixed Gear Bike will be the ideal choice. It will allow you to learn stability, energy endurance maintenance, and balance that will be useful ahead of life. Make sure that you select a strong and reliable bike. Make sure that you pick Unknown bike ;)


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      What is a Fixed Gear Bicycle?

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