What is a flipflop hub? fixed or freewheel

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What is a flipflop hub? fixed or freewheel

Flip-flop hubs, also known as double side hubs are rear wheel hubs that allow either two fixed gear cogs on both sides or fixed gear cog on one side and freewheel on another side. These are the two main types of flip-flop hubs. 

Running two fixed gear cogs:

The reason one might want to ride two fixed gear cogs is simple, versatility. By running two different sized rear cogs you will get the ability to change between them based on conditions. For example, for flat areas where speed is important you can use a lower number of teeth (14-13). By riding a lower number of teeth in on the rear cog you will be able to reach top speed much easier but when you reach a hilly area the pedaling will become pretty taught. For those nasty hills you can switch to higher tooth cog (15-17) to ease the stress of climb on your legs. This way you can have a bike for any condition without any need for complications of derailleur or internal hub.

Running fixed gear and freewheel or just one of them:

You can also run both fixed gear and freewheel at the same time. This way you can have the benefits of fixed gear bike and single speed bike in one. You can get a lot of exercise of a fixed gear bike or you can switch to freewheel relax and go for a long chill ride around the town.

All of our bikes come equipped with a flip-flop hub and with fixed gear cog. So if you decide to change your fixed gear bike into single speed bike all you need to get is freewheel for a couple of euros and you are good to go.

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What is a flip flop hub?






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