9 Best reasons to buy fixie bike

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9 Best reasons to buy fixie bike

9 Best reasons to buy a fixie bike

In this blog, we are going to go over 9 best reasons to get a fixie bike. Of course, there are plenty more that we forgot to mention, so let us know the comments below the one we forgot.

  1. Design! Fixie bikes have been around for many years and they have a timeless design that will turn heads.Fixie Unknown Bikes sc-1 single-speed bicycle
  2. Light! They are light, there is no complicated heavy shifting mechanism, no suspension, making fixie bikes much lighter
  3. Reliable! Since there is no shifting mechanism or suspension, fixie bikes are basically maintenance free and very reliable.Fixie Single Speed bicycle Unknown Bike sc1
  4. Smooth! Because there is only one gear, the chain is always straight which translates to much smoother pedal spinning than with conventional gear bikes.
  5. Cadence! When the bikes are moving pedals are moving as well. Fixie bikes are a great tool to improve and maintain your cadence.Fixie Single Speed bicycle Unknown Bike sc1 white
  6. Exercise!  Riding fixie bike is a great exercise because as mentioned above you always have to pedal when the bikes are moving, therefore you will get lot more workout from your rides.
  7. Commuter! They are the perfect commuter bikes because they are light, almost maintenance free and affordable.
  8. Fast and nimble! If the gearing is set up correctly for your city, they will be one of the fastest bikes in your town.Affordable best Fixie Single Speed bicycle
  9. Affordable! Fixie bikes are affordable! We offer our newest fixie model Unknown Bikes SC-1 for only €439. This bike is an ideal first bike for someone who wants to start riding a fixie or a perfect affordable city commuter. This fixie is made of 4130 cromo steel and is built to last! Now available in 6 colors. Click on a logo below to learn more.                                                                  Introducing the new revised  Unknown Singularity a premium fixed gear track bicycle                                                                                                             Unknown Bikes Europe is the official source of Unknown bicycles, frames, components and other accessories for every fixed gear rider throughout Europe. We build premium fixed gear and single speed bicycles with great passion.

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