Revocation instructions


1. Consumer

Consumers are entitled to withdraw from the agreement within a period of 14 days. The period stated in the first sentence commences on the day the agreement is executed, this being the day of:

a. receiving the goods (purchase agreements);

b. receiving the last delivery (agreements for the purchase of several types of goods / delivery of several parts); or

c. receiving the first delivery (ongoing contracts).

Consumers may withdraw from the agreement by completing and submitting the template form available on the web page; once submitted, the completed form is confirmed as received by UNKNOWN GROUP in writing without undue delay. Consumers may withdraw from the agreement also by sending a notice of withdrawal to:

UNKNOWN GROUP s.r.o. - Reklamace,

Mánesova 78,

120 00 Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Czech Republic

If withdrawing from the agreement, the consumer is to return to UNKNOWN GROUP the goods delivered by UNKNOWN GROUP and do so at consumer’s cost without undue delay, however, no later than within 14 days after withdrawing from the agreement. The goods are to be returned complete, i.e. along with the delivered accessories and complete

documentation, undamaged, clean, in the original packaging (if possible) and in the condition andvalue in which the goods have been received by the purchaser. Any fuel tanks returned as part of the returned goods must be returned empty. Consumers deciding to withdraw from the agreement in the given period are recommended by UNKNOWN GROUP to send the goods to UNKNOWN GROUP’s address along with a cover letter incl. the reason for withdrawal (not necessary), number of purchase document and number of bank

account so that the case can be addressed without delay. Consumers are liable to UNKNOWN GROUP for any decrease in value of the goods caused by handling

the goods other than as required by the nature and characteristics of the goods. Consumers withdrawing from the agreement are refunded the entire amount paid under the

agreement whereby this amount is refunded by UNKNOWN GROUP without undue delay, however, no later than within 14 days following the withdrawal, and with the use of the same method of payment as agreed in the agreement. Consumers withdrawing from the agreement may as well be refunded the entire amount paid only after the goods are returned to UNKNOWN GROUP or after the consumers prove that the goods have been sent to UNKNOWN GROUP. Consumers acknowledge that if the goods are delivered along with any gifts, UNKNOWN GROUP and the purchaser enter into a contract of donation on the condition that such contract of donation terminates as soon as the consumer enjoys its right and withdraws from the purchase agreement within a period of 14 days whereby the consumer must return the goods in question along with the gifts and everything obtained in relation thereto; if not returned, the same will be considered unjust enrichment. If the profits acquired by unjust enrichment cannot be returned, UNKNOWN GROUP is

entitled to claim monetary compensation in the amount of ordinary price.

2. Other

If the product in question cannot be returned in the condition originally received by the purchaser, the agreement cannot be withdrawn or delivery of a new product claimed. This does not apply to cases where:

a. The condition changed due to the inspection of the product for defects.

b. The product was used by the purchaser before the product was found defective.

c. The product cannot be returned in the original condition for reasons other than beyond control (wilful act or neglect) of the purchaser. OR

d. The product was sold by the purchaser before the product was found defective, consumed by the purchaser or altered by the purchaser in ordinary use. If only a part of the product was used, consumed or altered, the purchaser returns to UNKNOWN GROUP everything that can be returned and compensates UNKNOWN GROUP up to the amount of benefit received from using the product. Purchasers failing to report the defect in due course are not entitled to withdraw from the agreement.